Twaritapuri Arts And Science College


This college established in June, 2012. With two degree courses Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) and Bachelor of Science .

(B.Sc.) bears the name of a true democrat, social reformer, educationist and the Twaritapuri College Talwada It has empowered us to introduce innovations in Academics and Research. On account of our innovative efforts in the field of education, consistent good results, overall development of students, rising number of rank holders, this institution has created a very healthy academic atmosphere in rural area. We are trying our best to keep the lamp of knowledge constantly burning and we are holding aloft the light of creative wisdom and culture. As a result, the fragrance of fame of this institution is spreading in all directions crossing the boundaries of the State of Maharashtra.

We are proud of our alumni who render their services in politics, public administration, civil services, research, industry, law and legislature, mass communication and media, social service, arts and playwright, sports, education and academics. We are now known for academic autonomy, plurality, peculiarity and leadership. Our experiments, excellence and the tradition of merit in education.